Monday, March 31, 2008

New Blog...

We are due for a change... and with that change it means a fresh start, a new look, a new blog...

You can now find us at it's time to re-bookmark us, if you have done that with our blog.

Sorry to make things confusing... but this is what happens when you have more time on your hands.

I even provided a new post for you, and will be updating much more often considering the circumstances now.

WHOOOOO HOOOOO.... Today is my LAST DAY at LIFETIME FITNESS, well full time at least!!!! I couldn't be more excited, until next week when I'm bored out of my mind. HA! We'll try not to let that happen! :) See you on the new blog...

I will not be updating this anymore... so redo our blog... or you will be lost!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Christmas 2007

I should have posted awhile back, but we've been going through a lot lately that I haven't had time. Holidays are always busy! I love them... but they go just too fast and it was a bit chaotic with our little bundle of joy.

We spent 4 days with my family down in Indiana, which was great! We just relaxed and it was so nice because we didn't have to entertain our hypergenic dog. It was nice to just be with family and enjoy their company.

Here is us just relaxing... that's what we did... and it was AWESOME!

Berra was a bit sick one day and he was poopy all day. He looked pathetic trying to sleep, as you can see Todd was trying to cheer him up. :)

We made our way home on Christmas Eve to get back to our puppy and to wake up Christmas morning in our bed in our new home. It was our first Christmas in our new home and it was nice. We made our way over to Todd's grandma's later for breakfast and for gift exchange at his parents. It was a bit sad because Mandy, his grandma's Golden Retriever was really sick and was bleeding internally. She had to be put to sleep 2 days after Christmas :( Poor thing. But we got to say "bye" to her and she seemed in good spirits.

But on the other side of that, we had fun there.

I got the whale for our living room wall that I asked for. Todd's dad made this for me and he even spiced it up and made it look so creative! It was so nice to get it and made me feel really special that he did that for me. I was extremely excited to get it on the wall... which is looks great!

Later in the night I got to play his brother's Rock Band... drums are my favorite and I'm pretty good... (not really)! Ha! That's what I look like on there... haha!

The end of our Christmas 2007, another year has gone by and it's been great!

I do ask for prayer now for us, as my work situation seems to be getting harder and some other stuff which we'll keep you updated on as time comes. But it's been a whirl wind right now, but we know God has a great plan for us through time we will know what that is. :) Thanks!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

FINALLY FINISHED with our bedroom...

Well.... 3 months later our bedroom is FINALLY finished. It's been hard to work with a puppy who needs your undivided attention. We love him, but he's very needy and we can't walk out of the room without him being a terror. We did so much to the room though, that was probably why it took so long as well. We ripped all the 3" trim out and added a 6" trim. We painted 3 of the walls a tan color and the wall with the window a chocolate brown. We redid our closet and added new doors to them. We are still getting the wall decor figured out, but Target didn't have the frames that I wanted. We also are looking for a couple shelves to put in there as well... But here is what we got so far.

This first one is when we were first looking at the house and the old owners were in it.... you can see the old trim on the wall

This is from "Moving Day"

The finished project, looks kinda yellow with the lighting, but looks great in person...

You can see the new 6" trim just a bit in the corner...

Monday, December 17, 2007

Roso is Sterile now...

Poor guy! Rosco got neutered today and to make matters worse... he has to wear a cone! Booo... though it is hilarious to look at and to try to see him go through doors and small places. I couldn't help but take a few photos of our "Drama King" as Todd's dad would say. He's a baby when it comes to shots, being stepped on, or anything that you would think wouldn't be that bad! We still love him though. Keep him in your prayers if you could. He's all upset and has those eyes that are sappy and makes you want to cry just looking at him. It's heart breaking, but I know he'll be back to normal in a couple days. Though one good thing came about at the vet today though.... I found out I can run more than a mile with him. I'm so excited to get him training for the 1/2 marathon in Indy I'm doing in May! Training starts in 2 weeks.... and Rosco will be fully recovered by then. YES!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

LOTS of Snow....

Well... we were told we were going to get like 8-12" of snow last night. I tend to not believe the weather because they always hype everything up to be more than it EVER is. Ha...! Anyways... when we woke up this morning there was not quite 8" but it was surely up there, probably 6-7", and it was blowing everywhere. I was kind of excited though because it's really pretty and I wanted a white Christmas. The only bad thing is... Rosco goes nuts in the snow. We didn't know if he would like it or hate it when it first snowed... he ended up loving it a bit TOOOO much. Well he was CRAZY dog this morning. I couldn't control him so I decide to capture what I could of him while he was in his "zone". It was hilarious to me to see him just completely hyper with absolutely no control whatsoever. Here are some of the lovely moments I could capture... let me add he was running at full speed so I'm sorry if this doesn't give you the effect that it meant to accomplish. It was really hard because I was freezing and he was "Zooooming" all over the yard! Ha...

This is what he was doing alllll over the yard

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Julie and Quinn Engagements

Julie and Quinn were so sweet, a very nice couple and very well spiritied considering the FREEEEEEZING cold weather we had last weekend. It was probably about 17 degrees or so, with absolutely no sun. BUT... we did have fun. Quinn is from Chicago, and Julie actually went to school with Todd when they were younger. We did their photo shoot at Greenfield Village where their reception will be. It's really pretty, and Todd and Julie gave us the run down on their field trip/school day they had there when they were younger... it sounded great!

We are really excited for them and you can just see their happiness with their glowing faces in the photos. We are looking forward to their wedding come May, we know it will be sweet and full of love!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

First Snow + Weird Night= Blog-worthy

Well... we had our first snow yesterday. It was absolutely freezing out, so I don't blame the snow for coming. It was all hyped up that it was suppose to be a "snow storm" and we were going to get 4-7" or so they said. (In my opinion, it never works like that-Ha!)

Anyways... so we went over to Todd's parents to celebrate both Todd's dad, Dick, and my birthday's. His is Monday, mine is Tuesday. On the way home, we noticed how bright it was outside. It looked like it was daylight, but it was almost 11pm. We got home, and let Rosco out. He's never seen snow before so we wondered how he would react. Well... HE LOVED IT! All he wanted to do was play and he would sprint through the yard, stop eat some snow, and just play! He's pretty sick right now so we couldn't let him play out too long. He got kennel cough when we boarded him last weekend. Poor guy! He's all falling apart, plus he's getting neutered tomorrow, that should be fun!

Here are some photos from last night... they sky was so orangey. Spppooooky!

Notice the last photo in the sequence... Todd totally threw a huge snowball! But Rosco loved it so please don't call Animal Cops. Ha!!